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FIFA the dream brand. ‘The secrets of marketing a global phenomenon’



Every marketing practitioner’s dream is to manage a brand that everyone wants to be part of, a brand that almost “sells itself”. FIFA Marketing Director Thierry Weil has such a brand and it’s called the WORLD CUP.  The World Cup is not simply an ordinary brand that has become extremely successful. This brand surpasses anything that can be learned in marketing classes or would ever dream that a brand can be.

Popular: First, it is globally popular. Depending on whose estimates you accept and how the viewership is calculated, the World Cup Finals are seen by a TV audience of just over three billion people, or nearly half the world’s population. It is estimated the final game, on July 13, will be watched by almost 1.5 billion people.

Commands loyalty: Secondly, it commands from its fans an enviable loyalty and dedication and has huge personal significance for each one of its “users”. Football players of all ages, from kids playing the game in the street to the most accomplished professional players, dream of scoring a winning goal in a World Cup match. Those not playing, the football supporters, are ready to save for years and even borrow to attend in person just one World Cup.

Inspiring beyond borders: FIFA is an inspiring brand outside of the sports industry. It motivates composers, painters, sculptors, architects and film-makers who glorify it in their own creative works.

No direct competition: It is a brand that has no direct competition. While the Olympics and other major sports (e.g. NFL, Rubgy World Cup) attract huge audiences (but still far less than the World Cup), nothing in the sport of football even attempts to compete.

Brand builder: Finally, it is a brand that builds other brands, to the extent that no other promotional tool can. For all the innovative and culturally relevant advertising Coke has, it will forever be associated with football and the World Cup.

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