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How to get the most out of your agency



”When the client moans and sighs, make his logo twice the size. When the client’s hopping mad, put his picture in the ad. If he still should prove refractory, add a picture of his factory.”

Working with a communications agency requires knowledge, experience, and information to be sifted through for the agency to be able to work efficiently. 14 years with British American Investment Group, former Brand Manager of the Financial Services Division, General Manager of Marcom and General Manager at Publico, Cora Korimbus shared with Marketing Mag valuable insight from working with communication agencies and client service on what it takes to make the most out of an agency.

The brief: The foundation of a successful campaign is the brief. If the base is wrong, it is back to the drawing-board. The most important parts of the brief is the how to get the most out of your agency USP without which a campaign stands little hope of being unique. If the USP is not obvious create one that will stand out in the market and build a strong position around it.

Define your budget: The budget helps to define the communication mix and provides a route map on the way forward. It impacts on the presentation, the number of items to be implemented and gives clients a focus.

Set realistic deadline: The deadline – let’s get real! It has to be realistic. No one will take you seriously if deadlines are consistently being missed or moving.

Find the most effective communication medium with clients
Choosing the best communication medium is essential, it must be custom-built. Effective communication creates a relationship and builds trust, a tailor-made approach and Solutions process is required.

keeping effective track of changes
Monitoring changes is one of the actions that causes most delays to campaigns. The key to avoiding changes when reaching the artwork development stage is to check all information, get changes approved and use the agency as the final stage for creativity and design. Commenting on prepared artwork should be constructive, make sense to the brand and are not based on personal taste. The brand has its own personality, experience and life.

Consider this, when you get the best out of your agency, the best will inevitably keep getting better. And also consider this:

  • When the client moans and sighs
  • Make his logo twice the size.
  • When the client’s hopping mad.
  • Put his picture in the ad.
  • If he still should prove refractory.
  • Add a picture of his factory.

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