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It pays to be in tune with customers



”Remember the final purchase decision is always based on emotion, no matter how rational the person.” It is easy to be love struck with your own products and services! After all, you believe in them. But do your customers have that same love and understanding as you? No matter how great your products or services are in terms of attributes and qualities, if you do not get your targeted customers to purchase them, then something is amiss.

We are all in business to make profits. The calculation is simple: If you have invested in developing a product, then you should have return on investment, both in the short- and long-term. The key is to get your targeted customers to go beyond a one-off purchase, helping you to capitalize on the investment. Just putting your products on the shelves and/or doing a massive awareness or reminder campaign are not enough.  While exposure is necessary as it allows your targeted customers to know that your products have a place in the market and are available, it does not mean they will automatically buy them. For that to happen, customers need to be wooed and made to believe in your products.

The focus should be on how to convince your customers to go beyond the awareness stage and actually buy your products, not once, not haphazardly, but consistently. This requires a true understanding and knowledge of your targeted audience.  Knowing your customers will open the door to what type of dialogue and interaction you will have to engage in to convince them that your products are the right match for them and their lifestyles.

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