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University of Nairobi Business School launches ‘Executive Development Programs’


Marketing MAG Africa was present at the launch of the Executive Development Program at University of Nairobi. The Executive development programs are tailored to accomplishing participant’s specific, identified objectives.

Some of the programs being offered for a duration of 3-5 days at different costs related to marketing include:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning, Implementation and control
  • Advertising and Social Media for competitive advantage
  • Marketing Management for Non Marketeers
  • Marketing Places and Destinations

These programs are to allow executives to step back from day to day responsibilities, reassess their value to the organization, and develop a broader perspective on their leadership capacity. By gaining a deeper understanding of core organizational functions, executives will improve their decision making skills and learn how to lead cross functional teams.

The programs include interactive sessions with institutional and industry leaders, and those responsible for implementing and managing major government initiatives. 


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