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MSK at 50 website redesign


MSK approached Dotsavvy with a view of having its website redesigned to bring it in-line with current global best practices such as having a mobile responsive design. Their old website had outlived its usefulness as it was hard to maintain and also had fundamentally functional issues. What started off as a conversation about just a website redesign quickly expanded into a much more ambitious one about how MSK could reinvent itself through digital transformation, across the board.


Working closely with the team at MSK, Dotsavvy embarked on building a new responsive website for MSK that would be aligned with its organisational drivers such as value-added membership services, marketing thought leadership and alternative revenue generation. At the same time, Dotsavvy expanded the scope of work to include an MSK Android mobile, an MSK e-newsletter, an MSK Job Board, and the MSK Sokoni Blog

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