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The definition of brand. ‘A tool to assist in the development of your brand.’



B – Build: The most essential part of building a brand is to clarify your value proposition. Without it, you will not survive. Think of the building stage as a 1,000-piece puzzle that has to be assembled with no instructions. From Harvard to Hollywood there is no shortage of overly ambitious individuals who desire to be game-changers. Soledad O’Brien encapsulated this energy in her brilliant segment where she highlights a number of entrepreneurs and their struggle to redefine a respective industry.

R – Re-imagine: Brands are being forced to behave differently and identify new ways to engage their customers. Long gone is the one-way communication that has often existed in the marketplace. It has been replaced by two-way communication and storytelling with a strong emphasis on making an emotional connection to the consumer. Possessing a high level of emotional intelligence is often what helps a brand to ascend to greatness. Why? Because it is directly linked to one’s happiness.

A – Analyse: This would be music to my marketing strategy professor’s ears in graduate school as he implored that “Marketing Without Metrics” is a thing of the past. Brad VanAuken wrote a wonderful piece replete with a blueprint for what should be measured. This will be a non-negotiable moving forward based on the plethora of competition. Also, it is a difficult step, especially when you factor in how cloudy the relationship is between campaigns and outcomes.

N – Navigate: As we know, one of the most important tasks on any ship is navigation. Without navigation, you will inevitably be sailing to a barren island called “nowhere”. Successful brand navigation requires sound strategy and implementation. However, it also requires a “Cirque du Soleil” type of balance – fully understanding the current state of the brand and what is required for growth. The identification of brand extensions is an essential strategy utilised to help navigate the ebbs and flows. Vivaldi Partners outlines six questions that must be answered when identifying a brand extension.

D – Dominate: Specificity around category will be essential in the new age of brands. It is simply impossible to be all things to all people.

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