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The social media revolution 



‘Millennials need to experience Brands unlike the markets of before.’ Social Media is now part of our lives, whether we like it or not. We are all hungry for information, especially the younger generation, “sharing”, “liking” ”snapping” and “graming” are now part of today’s vocabulary. Today’s online consumers are digitally linked whether it’s for a leisure-time experience or professionally on Linked In. We just can’t get enough of it! Most big brands are now focusing advertising budgets on online campaigns so as to reach “Viral Marketing” and enlisting qualified digital teams to feed “Social Communication”.

The most important question of all is how many fans are talking about your  business? Are they are engaging, sharing, liking and commenting about your brand? You need to engage and master your audience. Your “fans” need to like your posts and share them with their friends for you to get more credit online for your products or services. In return, your aim is to turn these fans into loyal customers.
Many businesses are now days getting new fans daily and are receiving direct comments about their products or services. However, how many people walked through the door of your shop today? How many calls did you get from that advertisement you placed in a magazine or newspaper?

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